Leeds United College strengthen partnership with ASM Scholarships

Leeds United College strengthen partnership with ASM Scholarships

Opportunities for students to play collegiate sports.

Leeds United College will continue their exciting partnership with US based ASM Scholarships offering young students the chance to pursue their dreams of playing collegiate sports.

ASM Sports Group and ASM Scholarships are a company built to empower student-athletes, giving them all of the resources and support needed to fulfil their potential.

Having collaborated with Leeds United College previously, the two organisations will continue working together to bring students from both the Leeds United Academy and Player Development Programme to study in the US, with ASM Scholarships providing both soccer and education opportunities.

Elrick van Eck, Director of Business Development and Partnerships at ASM, said: "From all of us here at ASM Sports Group and ASM Scholarships we can't express how excited we are about this partnership with Leeds United. Being able to help their students and talented athletes find homes in the United States to advance their academic and sporting careers through the collegiate pathway is something we are not only passionate about, but something we truly believe will enhance every player and student’s future.

“Giving these players the platform to excel at their sport and become rounded, well-educated young men and women is the goal for all of us here at ASM. We would like to thank everyone at the Leeds United College and all other individuals involved for facilitating this opportunity." 

Leeds United winger Jack Harrison took a similar path to get to where he is today, playing in the Premier League week in and week out, and he has spoken at length previously about the fantastic opportunities afforded to him whilst studying in the US and how much he appreciated the experiences he was able to gain.

“I went to boarding school in the US for four years and then onto Wake Forest University and I was there for one semester.  I did pretty well in my first season, so I was able to do the MSL draft and ended up at New York City where I then played for two years (before moving back to the UK).

“I think I moved for both the football and experiences and opportunities it could bring… I always had dreams of being a professional footballer, but I wasn’t sure how I was going to do it. My mum helped me to have an open mind though, introducing the idea of getting a football scholarship in the US and pursuing my dreams that way.

“It may not be the same as the experience you’d get here but I think you become a more well-rounded person because you have the back up of a good education, you can meet a lot of great people from all over the world and I was just really grateful for the opportunity and ultimately it helped me improve and get me to where I am today.”

For more information on the scholarships available through the partnership between the Leeds United College and ASM Sports Group, please click here.