Premier League launch Inside Matters Handbook

Premier League launch Inside Matters Handbook

Available for everyone!

All Premier League fixtures from 6th to 15th May were dedicated to the Premier League’s #InsideMatters campaign, which reinforces the league and clubs' commitment to supporting the mental wellbeing of players, fans, and those in our local communities.

The Premier League has now published an Inside Matters Handbook featuring tips and advice for understanding and tackling anxiety, as part of Mental Health Awareness Week.

Inside the handbook you can find contributions from personnel at all 20 Premier League clubs, with wellbeing experts from mental health charity Shout, who the Premier League has collaborated with for the Inside Matters campaign, providing helpful insights alongside specialist club and Foundation staff and various players from across the league, including our very own Adam Forshaw.

The Leeds United midfielder said: “I’ve definitely had some tough times through my career, with long injuries and trying to fight my way back. I think having people around me, like my wife and my two young boys, has been really good for me, especially day-to-day once I’ve left that football environment and gone home. I think being able to focus your mind on something different, and keeping yourself busy, can always help.

“Leaning on someone can really be a helping hand and can make you feel better in those really tough moments. I think there’s a saying that ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’ and I think that’s true that when you talk about things with someone else, whoever that might be, it can definitely make the situation easier. It is so important to remember that you’re not on your own, and you have nothing to lose by opening up to somebody and sharing how you’re feeling!”

If you would like to take a look or download the Inside Matters Handbook, please click here.