Finance workshops delivered through Leeds United Foundation

Finance workshops delivered through Leeds United Foundation

Successful sessions hosted at The Farnley Academy.

The Leeds United Foundation Secondary Education team delivered successful sessions based on the world of finance recently in partnership with club sponsor TransUnion.

The hour-long workshops are delivered free of charge to students in secondary school education, and the most recent session was delivered at The Farnley Academy where they looked at handling finances and understanding credit scores to help prepare the youngsters for their future.

Each workshop is delivered with the support of TransUnion to help give students a better understanding of dealing with finances as the topic can often be a minefield for the best of us.

The sessions involve presentations around credit reports, credit scores, and handling finances with the chance for questions from pupils that will help prepare them for the world of work.

The club’s official charity received positive feedback from The Farnley Academy following the workshop, with the education outlet working hard to support their students with life skills that aren't always covered during their other lessons: “Many of our Year 10 maths students took part in a workshop during their maths lessons today provided by the Leeds United Foundation in partnership with their sponsors, TransUnion.

“This was such a valuable workshop about understanding credit and finance where students were posed with many questions, educating them on the impact their credit file and score will have on them in the future.”

For more information around the finance workshops or any of the other workshops available through the Leeds United Foundation, please contact If you would like to book a workshop please supply the following information:

  • Year Group
  • Number of students
  • Ideal dates and times for the workshop