Leeds United Foundation continue to support You vs Train campaign

Leeds United Foundation continue to support You vs Train campaign

Initiative to tackle railway safety.

The Leeds United Foundation have worked closely with the EFL Trust and Network Rail on the You vs Train campaign for a number of years helping to tackle the increasing number of those risking their lives on the railway.

The main aim of the campaign is to encourage fans, families and friends to stay safe at all times on the railway, with Brtisih Transport Police (BTP) and StreetGames also involved in the initiative.

Hundreds of people each year unintentionally take on the railway and lose. The railway is full of hidden dangers and it is important to remember that there is not only trains to be careful of but also the lethal current in rails and power lines.

Everyday those in our local communities are taking unnecessary risks on the railway, whether that is due to taking short-cuts, not paying attention, capturing photos or some youngsters even attempting ‘train surfing’ – sometimes with tragic consequences. The message is to pay attention and be alert at all times.

Eight young people have died in the last two years after trespassing on the railway, please make sure you and your loved ones are not next.

To find out more information about the campaign, please click here.

To keep up to date with the campaign on social media make sure to use the hashtag #YouVsTrain.