Level Playing Field kick off 'Weeks of Action' campaign

Level Playing Field kick off \'Weeks of Action\' campaign

Chelsea fixture to be dedicated to occasion.

Leeds United are proud to be supporting Level Playing Field’s ‘Weeks of Action’ with our Premier League fixture against Chelsea on Saturday 13 March dedicated to the annual campaign.

Disability charity Level Playing Field are celebrating their 17th ‘Weeks of Action’ campaign, which started on Saturday 27 January and will run until Sunday 14 March, which aims to showcase the good work being done by clubs and organisations to improve accessibility and inclusion across all sports.

As is the case with fans, Level Playing Field will be absent from the terraces this year due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, which means they will be taking their campaign virtual for the first time ever.

To support the campaign, Leeds United and the Leeds United Foundation will be getting involved by working together to help our disabled supporters learn about Level Playing Field and understand what they do, what their aims are to improve accessibility and inclusion, and how they can assist disabled fans.

Level Playing Field are a sports charity that act as a campaigning and advisory organisation for disabled sports fans. The charity supports disabled sports fans through a number of channels, including their free to join membership programme that has a number of benefits, including a weekly newsletter, annual events, and an official membership certificate.

Keep an eye on the Leeds United website and social channels for various activity throughout the ‘Weeks of Action’ campaign including various activities that will take place for the Chelsea match, including the first-team wearing Level Playing Field warm-up t-shirts to show their support for the occasion.

To become a Level Playing Field member you can click here or if you would like more information, please contact ben@levelplayingfield.org.uk.