Tyler Roberts encourages youngsters to celebrate diversity

Tyler Roberts encourages youngsters to celebrate diversity

Striker takes part in filming for Premier League Primary Stars resources.

Leeds United forward Tyler Roberts has been supporting the Premier League with their No Room For Racism initiative recently, as he hopes to raise awareness around the topic and educate youngsters on the importance of celebrating diversity.

The Wales international has taken part in some filming to talk about discrimination and inclusion that will be used as an educational tool in school’s across the country as part of the Premier League Primary Stars programme.

As part of the filming, the young star explains how he enjoyed growing up in a vibrant, multi-racial community in Birmingham but laments what he is experiencing in society at present and adds that for racial stereotyping to no longer be an everyday occurrence in society, people must look beyond skin colour and embrace diversity.

"I think racial stereotyping happens...in everyday life," 21-year-old Roberts says. "People's opinions of the way people dress or the way people look happens all the time...and I've definitely felt that many times before.

"It’s very harmful to stereotype people, because we're all human. It doesn't matter if you're black, you're white, you're Asian. You've all got a massive part to play.

"And some of the people who have created the most amazing things are different colours, and we should all just be proud of that."

Roberts, who suffered racial abuse when representing Wales Under-17s abroad, says he sees first-hand the positivity of diversity inside the Leeds dressing-room.

"It's great that you get to experience different people's cultures and lifestyles and ask them questions about different countries and their kind of upbringing and their childhood," he says. "It’s a great thing to learn from."

Along with other Premier League players, his video is included in school resources for the Premier League Primary Stars programme, with the aim of inspiring the younger generation and encouraging the discussion among children about racism.

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For more information on the Premier League Primary Stars programme, please contact Mathew.Everett@leedsunited.com.