Help support Ella's Fight to stay alive

Help support Ella\'s Fight to stay alive

GoFundMe page created for young supporter fighting cancer.

Ella Wolff is just 25 years of age and is having to face more than most will ever have to, she is looking for support from the fanbase of her beloved Leeds United to help keep her alive.

In October 2018 and at the tender age of just 23, Ella was told she had Ocular Cancer, also known as cancer of the eye, after experiencing blurred vision whilst on holiday in Cape Verde. After a number of examinations, tests and scans the diagnosis was made and surgery to remove her right eye was scheduled for 6th November 2018. Ahead of surgery Ella had to undergo a number of PET and CT scans to ensure the cancer had not spread and she would not need further treatment and luckily everything was confirmed as clear. The surgery was successful with a prosthetic eye fixed and ‘normal’ life resumed.

It wasn’t until 10th September 2019, at the age of 24, that one of her routine six-monthly scans showed that unfortunately the cancer was back and was now in Ella’s liver. Her family was told that it was ‘incurable’ and she may have just six months to live but with a positive outlook Ella continued to look for promising exploratory treatments and trials.

The first treatment began earlier this year, a clinical trial at Mount Vernon Hospital called IMCGP100. After over 20 sessions across a 12-week period she was dealt the devastating news that it had not worked, and the tumours had in fact grown. The second opportunity she had came in May and this was an immunotherapy treatment called ipilimumab, unfortunately this was also unsuccessful.

Now at the age of 25, Ella is still trying to fight this disease and needs help raising money for a treatment called Delcath, which unfortunately is no longer classed as a clinical trial and therefore is not funded by the NHS. The treatment can cost up to £40,000 per session and Ella may need more than six sessions to see any results – with 50% of people who have already had the treatment had their tumours shrink and another 30% having their tumours remain the same, therefore not growing.

Having already raised over £70,000 Ella is able to have the first session of treatment, which will take place on 26th October 2020, but she still needs help raising money for the sessions that will follow if there is any chance of helping to keep her alive and fighting.

If you are able to support Ella and donate to her fundraising campaign or spread awareness around her story, please do so and visit her GoFundMe page here.