Live lesson on wellbeing scheduled for youngsters

Live lesson on wellbeing scheduled for youngsters

BBC and Premier League team up to stream live lesson for primary school students.

The Premier League have partnered with BBC to stream a special Live Lesson focused on wellbeing designed to help pupils and teachers transition back to school.

The live session will take place on Monday 14th September at 2pm for 30 minutes and can be accessed at - with youngsters who are unable to watch live able to watch the recording on the website afterwards.

The Leeds United Foundation were approached by the Premier League to take part in the session, with Lucas the Kop Cat set to make a special appearance along with a coach from the club's official charity.

The wellbeing-themed segment will be centred around how young students can use resilience and exercise to achieve positive wellbeing that will hopefully help them in the future, especially through difficult times like those we have faced during the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you are a teacher or have young children at home make sure you tune in on Monday afternoon, the show will be presented by BBC Radio 1's Katie Thistleton and CBBC's Hacker T.Dog, featuring Mr Smith from Bitesize Daily.

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