Friday Family Challenge: Show resilience to learn a new skill

Friday Family Challenge: Show resilience to learn a new skill

Gabby Logan encourages families to try a new activity as part of Premier League Primary Stars

Each week Premier League Primary Stars is helping families keep their children educated and entertained with the Friday Family Challenge.

And this week the Challenge encourages families to get up and active.

They are asking families to spend the next week learning a new active skill and to put five minutes aside every day to dedicate to practising it.

Try Your Best

This Challenge is based on resilience and always trying your best, learning new things even if you find them difficult to do at first.

Making sure that you have a large safe space, they'd like you to decide on your active skill and to practise it.

You could try one of these active skills or come up with your own:

- Aim to do 20 keepie-uppies with a football in a row
- Learn one of our Super Movers routines
- Try and learn how to juggle!

Using the worksheet on, detail what new active skill you are going to learn over the next week.

You can share an image of your worksheet, or a photo of you practising your new skill via Twitter @PLCommunities or via email at


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