Coaches continue to inspire disabled participants

Coaches continue to inspire disabled participants

Foundation disability team engaging with families through online platforms.

Leeds United Foundation's disability team are continuing to engage with all of the families and youngsters they would usually be delivering sessions to every week.

Since the COVID-19 lockdown has been in place, online platforms have been set up and used to ensure that we can stay in touch with all of the different groups the coaches support during what is an incredibly difficult time with some families requiring extra support when it comes to keeping children occupied whilst they're at home.

Some of the groups they work with, and have created different online platforms to maintain contact, include the families with youngsters who have Cerebral Palsy or are a framed user, members of the Junior Pan Disability Team, Ability Counts League players and adult participants.

Activity booklets have been created and distributed to all of for our disabled participants and these are both educational and fun to do with the youngsters along with regular videos being sent with physical activities  to do at home and skills for them to continue to develop during this period.

Coaches are also utilising Google Hangouts to stay in regular contact with the various organisations and families they support and work with, arranging video calls and setting exciting challenges to keep people engaged and inspired.

If you have youngsters at home and would find it helpful to give them Leeds United activities to complete, to help keep them busy, you can download the first booklet here.

If you would like more information on any of the disability programmes delivered through the Leeds United Foundation, please contact