Health and fitness programme to launch with Foundation

Health and fitness programme to launch with Foundation

Leeds United Foundation FIT LEEDS project to begin 21st January.

The EFL Trust are working with the Leeds United Foundation to deliver a new and free fitness programme for adults that will begin later this month.

FIT LEEDS is a project that will be focused around health and fitness, for men aged from 35 to 65. The programme will support those who are currently inactive and would benefit from becoming more active but are struggling due to a number of different reasons, whether that is a lack of opportunities, income or motivation.

The first session will take place on Tuesday 21st January and there will be up to 30 participants chosen to take part in the first stage of the programme.

The first course will run for 12 weeks with two-hour sessions delivered per week by coaches from the club’s official charity. Throughout the duration of the programme each individual will have the following areas monitored; blood pressure, weight measurement, lifestyle, physical activity and mental health.

This programme has been developed by the EFL and Sport England with additional funding from The National Lottery and together they have worked to identify local authority areas to target with this investment, based on deprivation, inactivity levels and the number of adults overweight.

The delivery of screening and testing programmes such as FIT LEEDS will help to support public health prevention campaigns, empowering people to make long-term and sustainable lifestyle changes. The programme will help people to recover, support those living with long-term conditions, enhance quality of life and tackle local health inequalities.

If you would like to refer someone or want more information on the project please contact or call 0113 367 6598.