Foundation deliver Every Player Counts session

Foundation deliver Every Player Counts session

Foundation coaches deliver disability session as part of the EFL's Day of Action 2019.

As part of the EFL’s Day of Action 2019 the Leeds United Foundation will play host to a special Every Player Counts session with their framed users and cerebral palsy participants.

The session, being held at Ramgarhia Sikh Sports Centre on Chapeltown Road, is all about encouraging participation and inclusion, working with the young participants that suffer with a disability to improve their skills and their confidence in playing sport.

Since the launch of the Every Player Counts programme, coaches from the club’s official charity have been delivering weekly sessions that support the EFL Trust’s aim of getting more people involved in sport and offering more opportunities to people who may struggle to play.

There are a number of EFL Club Trusts that deliver activity on behalf of the initiative in their local community, helping to break down the barriers that have prevented some people from being involved in sport previously.

The Leeds United Foundation cover a wide-range of disability programmes, including working with; wheelchair football, football for visual impairment, learning difficulties, amputees and autism – giving many disabled people access to football for the very first time.

The emphasis for the Foundation staff and coaches is to increase participation and promote the social benefits of taking part in football, not only is it about developing football skills but skills that will help with their development in everyday life, whether it is confidence, self-esteem, teamwork or leadership, amongst others.

For more information on the Every Player Counts programme or the work the Leeds United Foundation do with disabled people across Leeds, please contact