How To Watch: Southampton vs Leeds United

How To Watch: Southampton vs Leeds United

Find out how you can follow Saturday's game wherever you are in the world

Leeds United head to the south coast this weekend, as we face Russell Martin's Southampton West Bromwich Albion in our latest Championship showdown.

Kicking off at 12:30pm, due to the game being selected for broadcast on Sky Sports, the fixture will be shown live on LUTV in selected countries (see below for full list) with an LUTV Match Pass.

Subscribers to the Monthly LUTV Pass can listen to live audio commentary from Bryn Law and club legend Tony Dorigo, along with pre-match build up, analysis and reaction at

For those living in a country where the game is being broadcast, check out the global tv listings below, courtesy of

Fans around the world can also follow all the action before, during and after the game via the club's Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.


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