Love Football. Protect the game.

Love Football. Protect the game.

Reminder to supporters.

Ahead of our final game of the 2022/23 campaign, the Premier League and all clubs would like to remind supporters around actions that will be taken for dangerous and illegal behaviour when attending football matches.

Before the start of the season, a package of policy measures, actions, and sanctions to tackle criminal and anti-social behaviour at games was introduced, with a particular focus on the consequences to supporters aiming to enter the field of play at any time pre-match, during the match or post-match.

All football organisations are collectively reiterating the importance of a safe match day environment for everyone.

Supporters are asked to remember that the pitch is for the players and match officials, and the stands are for spectators. It is against the law to enter the pitch at any time, and anyone who does so is liable to face a ban and police action.

Everyone attending games should feel safe to do so, but pitch invasions only create fear, whilst endangering people.

All recent pitch invasions have resulted in football bans, police prosecution and criminal records – all of which can have an impact on employment, education, and international travel. Entering the pitch can also result in penalties for the club, so do not spoil it for your fellow fans, and let’s protect one another.

Other dangerous and illegal behaviour, such as pyro use, throwing objects, abuse, drug use, and discrimination will not be tolerated – all of these actions also carry serious consequences.

We all have a role to play in keeping each other safe.

Love football, protect the game.