Minutes: Leeds United Supporter Advisory Board

Minutes: Leeds United Supporter Advisory Board

Minutes from March meeting.

Date: Tuesday 22nd March 2022, 6.30pm

In attendance: James Mooney, Katie Holmes, Dominique Grant, Pete Emmerson, Katie Watkin, Nikki Allan, Umair Meer, Lliam Brocksom, Paul McManus, Ken McArthur

In attendance via Zoom: Jay Bhatt, Faatimah Divan, Maz Ferguson, Umair Meer

Apologies: Andrew Shires


-        Welcome from JM

-        Discussion around the various agenda items, as follows:

1. Feedback on new ticketing platform/ST announcement:

-        A lot of positive feedback received around people finding it easy to use, with a few of those who struggled either being helped over the phone or visiting the Ticket Office in person for support. Supporters do have the choice to visit the Ticket Office and pay by cash, cheque or card.

-        Some supporters have been confused by the cup scheme segment on the platform, this is a choice for supporters to either enrol into or not.

-        There will be an option next season for those without a smart phone with regards to their digital season ticket. This is currently being discussed and explored; further details will be shared in due course.

-        The Ticket Office are looking at using digital tickets for as many things moving forward as possible, including things such as stadium tours, park and ride tickets etc.

-        Overall feedback on ST price increase was positive from supporters, most expected an increase and deemed it fair.

-        20-year STHs have all been contacted by the club with regards to their 2022/23 renewal.

 2. Food and drink options at Elland Road:

-        Can we expand the range, especially for vegan and vegetarian options on matchdays?

-        There was an Indian food van at a recent matchday that has received positive feedback, will this be back?

-        Can the club look at providing clearer allergen information for the foods accessible? One suggestion was a QR code that supporters can scan to find the relevant information.

-        Rob Smyth to be invited to attend our next meeting.

3. Stadium facilities:

-        A look at all the ladies’ toilets to ensure that there are toilet seats for every toilet and all hand dryers are working.

-        Speaker issues on matchdays, crackling noises etc.

-        Can Marching On Together be played all the way through when the players come out of the tunnel?

-        Club to look into the audio commentary for visually impaired supporters in the stadium. Supporters had an issue at the last game with no commentary coming through the units/devices. What is the process for ensuring the commentary is switched on for the start of each game? Is this on a match day checklist?

-        Mark Broadley to be invited to a future meeting to discuss a number of areas, including explaining work that has been done around wifi/signal issues for games.

4. Provisions for those with disabilities on matchdays:

-        There is currently no sensory/quiet room for supporters that may require it during a match. It was announced that there is a plan in motion to create a sensory room at Elland Road in the South Stand. The club are currently developing plans around this, to have it ready before the end of this season.

-        It was also mentioned that the FSA have said they will provide sensory packs for premier league clubs.

 5. Traffic flow/control around matchdays:

-        Issue with safety on buses for Park and Ride, supporters are getting off the buses on the slip road due to the build up of traffic at the roundabout.

-        Club to speak further with the police and council around safety of those leaving by foot/car/buses etc. Also a safety issue when leaving due to the thousands of pedestrians and buses unable to then get out as there is currently no process to help them get out safely, unlike with supporters leaving the disabled car park where there is a steward on hand to support.

6. Merchandise available for female supporters:

-        Complaints around the lack of products for females, including available kit sizes for women.

-        JM asked for ideas to be sent to the club for ranges for women for the next season that can be discussed with the retail team. It was agreed that this is an area for improvement to ensure female supporters feel they are being accounted for.

7. Women’s games at Elland Road and Thorp Arch:

-        Thorp Arch is currently on lockdown through COVID restrictions but as soon as these are lifted games will be held there once again.

-        Announced that a women’s game would be played at Elland Road before the end of this season.

8. Dealing with discriminatory behaviours:

-        Continuing to promote the matchday text service to ensure supporters know how they can deal with issues on matchdays, support from SAB members mentioned.

-        There have been some fights breaking out in the cheese wedge that haven’t been handled as well as they could by stewards, could this be flagged with the safety team.

-        The club will continue to monitor supporter behaviours and the club are taking all incidents seriously with a firm approach, imposing bans where necessary and liaising with the police.

-        There are problems nationally with regards to fan behaviour which has been noted.

-        Recent pitch invasions at other grounds, questions asked to the club around how prepared we are for such events. It was noted that since the statement around pitch incursions was released by the club, notifying supporters of instant bans, it has been a lot better.

9. Disabled seating areas at away fixtures:

-        Discussions around the seating areas for disabled fans at away games, especially when located at the back of stands and struggling to watch games due to supporters, including personal assistants, standing and blocking views.

-        Club have agreed to correspond with any supporters identified to be regularly blocking views and being abusive towards those in the ambulant/disabled areas. An email will also be sent to all personal assistants to remind them of the terms and conditions around their tickets and their responsibilities as personal assistants.

10. Memberships/ST waiting list:

-        Club asked for any feedback around memberships for next season to be sent to KH as discussions around memberships are currently underway.

-        Through the new ticketing system is it possible for supporters to be given an idea as to where they are in the ST waiting list – KH to look into this.

-        Club to look into process for members getting tickets, whether it should remain as first-come-first-served, or should a ballot system be introduced?

11. Safe Standing at Elland Road:

-        JM/KH informed the group that it is the SGSA that have the say across safe standing in grounds. SGSA were behind the introduction / recent trial of the rail seating that has just been installed at Elland Road. MB to discuss this further at a future meeting as he has been liaising with the SGSA.

12. LUDO Lounge on matchdays:

-        This is currently available for those supporters that have ground tunnel access only due to the amount of supporters that access their seats through the Ground Tunnel.

13. Social media GIFs available for the club:

-        As there are currently not any available for Leeds United on Instagram, and there are for many other clubs, could this be raised with the social media team to look into.

Date for next meeting: Tuesday 26th April, 6.30pm at Elland Road.