Fans encouraged to show their support in the right way

Fans encouraged to show their support in the right way

Club continue fight against discrimination.

The support for our players from the Leeds United fanbase is among the most passionate and loyal in the Premier League, and we thank you for helping to create an incredible atmosphere whether it is at Elland Road or away from home.

However, we would like to take this time to remind our supporters of their responsibilities in helping to keep all chants and messaging positive at all times, whilst in the stands at matches or online away from the games.

In the past a small minority of fanbases have unfortunately tarnished fixtures through prejudice and the use of abusive and discriminatory language and gestures – whether it is aimed at those on the pitch or opposing supporters, it will not be tolerated.

Discriminatory actions or language, including racism, homophobia, sexism, antisemitism, or any other form of religious discrimination, have no place anywhere in football or society and everyone associated with Leeds United is proud to be part of an inclusive and diverse club. It is important to remember that everyone should feel safe and comfortable whilst supporting the team, so please refrain from using any language that could offend and hurt those around you.

Our players, employees, fans, and visitors come from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures, and as a club we will continue to embrace those from all walks of like to ensure that everyone feels safe and valued. There will never be a place for abusive behaviour at Leeds United Football Club.

We would like to urge all of our supporters to think about the words they use and show their support in the right way, as we continue the fight against all types of discrimination together and work to put an end to the abuse people suffer.