Lifestyle advice to share with supporters

Lifestyle advice to share with supporters

Document distributed to first-team players to help prevent infection.

Leeds United's performance and nutrition team have provided all of the first-team players with a document full of advice to help prevent infection during this COVID-19 outbreak.

There is some useful information included that may be helpful to supporters over the next few weeks, for those who are isolating at home or key workers who are still having to come into contact with others.


Included in the document is information and advice on the following topics:

- General advice on washing hands and social distancing

- Stress management

- Hydration

- Sleep optimisation

- Exercise

- Fruit and vegetable intake

- Nutritional information (inc. Vitamin C and D, Probiotics and Omega-3)


If you would like to download the information to find out how our players are looking after their health and wellbeing during this period, please click here.