CurrencyTransfer.com partnership benefits Whites.

The mechanics behind international payments can often be overlooked by clubs during a transfer window.

However, with an influx of players arriving from the continent, football has increasingly become a borderless sport.

The process involved can be complex and with exchange rates moving by the second, requires a special expertise.

Working both with the club and wider Yorkshire business community, Leeds United and CurrencyTransfer.com have come together to simplify and optimise the international payment process.

CurrencyTransfer.com have built us a market-leading global payments marketplace, providing us with the best exchange rates available on the market as well as a first-class relationship management team who helps to navigate the transfer process, from player acquisition to overseas merchandise.

Angus Kinnear spent some time talking to LUTV on how the club is already benefitting from its partnership with CurrencyTransfer.com.

He said: ‘‘Transfers are a very complex business and it’s really important for us that we maximise the value of our fund transfers.

“When buying players from abroad it’s really important the transactions runs smoothly and with the minimum amount of friction.

“That’s where we need CurrencyTransfer.com to be our partner to help us optimise that process.

“We’ve been able to make same day Euro payments at a very competitive rate and they’ve simplified what would normally be a complex process.

“Right from the initial audit we’ve seen fantastically competitive pricing which have made a tangible impact to our transactions.”

“In a transfer, even small fluctuations in the exchange rate can make a big difference so we work with their relationship manager and our Chief Financial Officer so they can provide us with real time insights on how to optimize currency transfers.”

“It’s been great to work with Dan and Paul and their team, they’re a really fast moving and exciting FinTech company and I think I could really recommend their services to the wider Yorkshire community.”

Daniel Abrahams, CEO of CurrencyTransfer.com added:  “It’s been an immense privilege working with the folks at Leeds United, this historic one city club.

“I’m pleased the club are already seeing tangible bottom line benefits, and we are equally as excited to extend access to our FinTech global payments marketplace to the wider Yorkshire community.

“True to our mission, we want Leeds businesses ‘going global’ to use our platform and transact as easy as it would be locally. We are looking forward to Marching On Together with the club and wider local business community.”

CurrencyTransfer.com now have special rates for businesses in the Yorkshire community, learn more at www.currencytransfer.com/lufc.