Howard Wilkinson returns to Elland Road for special charity event..

Leeds United legend and former club manager Howard Wilkinson has today attended a special Leeds United Foundation charity event at Elland Road and has said the club, with its stability and improved management will fulfil the club’s vision for the future.

Howard Wilkinson, who led the club to promotion from the old second division in 1989/90 and two years later led the club to become the 1991/2 First Division champions, spoke about the good feeling around the club, the impressive support of the club and how it feels to come back to Elland Road.

Howard said: “What is great about Leeds United is the crowds stay here and it’s mostly Leeds people or people who are rooted in Leeds so the club has a strong following in the city and that’s seen every week with sell out crowds.

“I sense a revival here at Leeds United, the chairman’s new and is in sole control, the crowds are up and the stadium looks good – there’s a nice and bright feel about it.”

“With stability, Leeds United will get back to where the club should be – back to the Premier League.”

“The more unity you have and the more stability you have – the better chance you have of riding the waves."

He added: “The Championship is more difficult than ever there’s no doubt about that. Money doesn’t buy you success; money helps you get success and if you are working along the right lines and working with the right principals and if you’ve got a plan and understand the plan success will come.”

The Club’s Foundation held the event in conjunction with Sporting Force, a charity that helps war veterans get back into work, and saw Howard and Mel talk to guests about the importance of leadership, commitment and being part of a team to succeed and do well when going back into work.