First phase of Centenary Square unveiled

First phase of Centenary Square unveiled

Gjanni Alioski and Tony Dorigo unveil the player wall at Centenary Square.

Gjanni Alioski and Tony Dorigo were on hand to officially unveil the first instalment of Centenary Square at Elland Road on Wednesday afternoon.

The player wall is the first in a series of heritage focal points to be installed as part of a transformative scheme outside the Centenary Pavilion to help commemorate the club’s historic birthday.

Spanning the full 100 years of Leeds United, this first stage includes the very first season when the club played in the Midland League right through to the current year, with each decade panel highlighting the players who have proudly put on the shirt for our club.

Current first-team player Alioski was joined by former Whites defender Dorigo to officially reveal the player wall which in total has 866 player names inscribed up to the end of the 2018/19 campaign. Each player listed on the wall details their debut date and total number appearances made for the club – with those achieving 100 appearances or more for the club highlighted in gold.

Supporters and visitors are now able to visit the player wall at Centenary Square where they can have photos taken and spend time finding their heroes names, learning more about the rich history of the club.

The heritage focal points planned for Centenary Square will be further enhanced by solid granite benches that are due to be installed next year. These benches will be etched with stories of Elland Road and the most special moments of triumph in the club’s 100 year history.

Leeds United fans still have the opportunity to be a part of Centenary Square, securing their place in the club’s iconic history by purchasing a stone that will be placed in front of the player wall in spring 2020. There are a variety of stones available to choose from with supporters able to leave a personal message and pick the crest of their choice.

You have until Tuesday 31st December to secure a stone and a place on Centenary Square, please visit for more information.