Whites visit Aspire Academy.

The Leeds United Academy are proud to be representing the club in the Aspire tri-series tournament in Doha.

Our two age groups, born in 2000 and 2002, will play against the Aspire Academy and Shandong Luneng from China, over three days of competition.

The Leeds players and coaching staff flew to Qatar on Sunday and have been able to access the fantastic facilities the Aspire Academy has to offer, ahead of the tournament getting underway.

Speaking about playing in the competition in Qatar, Academy Manager Adam Underwood said: “International tournaments are really important development opportunities.

“This trip gives our young players the chance to test themselves against quality opposition from the other side of the world, in conditions they would not normally experience in our domestic games programme.

“They will face a different challenge on the pitch, have to overcome the temperature, the pressure of playing in a competition and have to adapt to being in a different culture.

“It’s a fantastic life experience for them and something that will help shape them as players and as people. 

Along with taking part in the tournament, Leeds United will also build on our ongoing work to collaborate with the Aspire Academy on youth development.

Staff from our coaching, recruitment, medical, sports Science and education departments have been taking time to inspect the world-class facilities and exchange experience and expertise with our colleagues from Aspire.