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Positive Goals

Positive Goals is a 12-week health and wellbeing weight management programme which aims to work towards improving overall lifestyle choices. 

Each week there is a 2-hour session which consists of:

1 hour classroom-based activities covering topics such as: healthy eating, healthy alcohol consumption and step counts.

1 hour physical activity session, with exercises such as, walking, circuits and body work outs. 

The Positive Goals programme also includes guest speakers and the opportunity to get tickets to a Leeds United home match. 

After the 12-week programme is complete, we offer a range of other Health and Wellbeing programmes that can be completed alongside or after Positive Goals, such as circuits and walking football. These work hand in hand with Positive Goals, to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle for all participants.

The cost of the Positive Goals programme is £5 per session which calculates to £60 for 12-weeks. 

Impact / Outcome

The Positive Goals programme, not only targets weight management, but aims to improve mental health and social interaction. After the 12 week programme is complete, we aim to maintain the participants fitness levels by offering a range of programmes.

How To book – to book a space or find out more please email fitleeds@leedsunited.com.

Contact Details:
Telephone: 0113 367 6598