Primary Choices

Our Primary Choices workshops we provide education-based interventions on the
impact of crime and violence

Primary Choices

Our Primary Choices programme is an Early Intervention project to help reduce risks associated with Anti-Social Behaviour, supporting every year 6 pupil in Leeds City.

Through our Primary Choices workshops we provide education-based interventions on the impact of crime and violence, which support pupils in making the right choices to divert them away from violence, harm, and exploitation. 

Primary Choices is delivered through initial 90-minute “Spotlight” workshops, with a detailed school resource pack for onward development. This is followed by a further 6 weeks of intense delivery for vulnerable individuals in identified schools / areas of Leeds. Both inputs align to the PSHE and RSE national curriculum objectives.

The format of delivery comprises of; 

Spotlight Sessions

  • 90 Minute Assemblies / workshops to whole year groups that will cover a variety of themes and topics around choice making, including Anti-Social Behaviour, Knife Crime and Gang Affiliation.

Intense Sessions

  • Individuals identified by the school and relevant partner organisations, that are presenting relevant risk factors associated to Anti-Social Behaviour or have challenges with Attendance, Attainment and Behaviour will engage in further intense sessions of up to 6 weeks.

Impact / Outcome :

Primary Choices aims are;

  • To develop young people’s skills and personal relationships through the ability to make good choices through an annual education programme for Year 6 pupils over a three year period.
  • To help young people understand the wide-ranging impacts of choices they may make
  • To develop children’s understanding of what constitutes criminal activity such as Anti-Social Behaviour
  • To develop understanding of how Anti-Social Behaviour can affect victims, families, and the wider community
  • To develop knowledge on who, how and where to get support whether in school or through supporting organisations


  • Participants develop skills and knowledge to better help them understand the consequence of their behaviour and that of others
  • Participants have improved confidence and self-esteem to make the right decisions at the right time, and communicate in confidence to support network
  • Participants have improved emotional and mental wellbeing to help them be guided through challenging situations
  • Participants feel inspired and engaged to make informed choices that will help them progress into positive pathways
  • Schools will be left with legacy materials to further support awareness raising

How To book: Please contact our Primary Choices - Choice Makers Team and/or our School Partnerships Lead for further information and to schedule your school’s workshop.

Contact Details: Email: or

Telephone: 0113 367 6014