Tickets: Watford (H)

Details for Hornets clash.

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We can now confirm ticket details for our Sky Bet Championship fixture with Watford at Elland Road on Saturday 23rd September 2023 (3pm).

Please note, when applying online, you will only have access to purchase tickets for the game if you have the correct level of Membership.

Sale dates

Phase 1: 1pm Thursday 7th September 2023

Phase 2: 1pm Friday 8th September 2023

Phase 3: 5pm Friday 8th September 2023

Phase 4: Online ballot

Phase 5: Ticket Exchange sales

Any seats returned from Season Ticket Holders via the Ticket Exchange will be sold in the following order:

Phase 6: Ticket Forwarding


This match is a Category A fixture. CLICK HERE to view our 2023/24 General Admission match ticket prices.

Members are advised that when purchasing a home match ticket online, the correct price type (Eg, Adult, junior U16) must be selected based on your age on the day of the match.


Due to the vast majority of our home match tickets being sold online and via our Call Centre, the West Stand Ticket Office will now only open on home matchdays.

Home match tickets can only be booked via the following methods:

Book online: www.tickets.leedsunited.com

Book by phone: 0371 334 1992

Book by phone: 0333 130 0505 (Accessible Ticket Booking Line, Disabled Supporters only)


As per the 2022/23 season, all fans will receive mobile tickets on their smartphones.

Due to touting issues, there is no ‘Print at Home’ option.

A mobile ticket is the safest, most convenient, and flexible way to receive your match ticket whilst increasing security and protection against fraud and is part of the club’s long term sustainability plan to reduce paper and plastic use at the stadium.

Fans will receive their match tickets via email from the club.

Within the confirmation email there will be a link to download your match tickets directly to your smartphone.

For more information on mobile tickets and to view our FAQs, please CLICK HERE.


All 2023/24 Members who are unsuccessful in purchasing a ticket in Phase 1 or 2 can apply for the online ballot.

If you wish to be balloted/seated with friends or family Members, then you must register all in one application.

Each Member can only register once for the ballot.

The maximum number of Members within a ballot application is 10.

To apply for friends and family Members, they must be linked to your account via the ‘My Friends & Family’ option within your online ticketing account.

It is imperative that you select the correct age band for each ballot applicant.

The lead applicant will need to enter credit/debit card details when submitting a ballot application.

No payment will be processed at the point of registering in the ballot.

Please note, when you register for the ballot, you will be able to specify ‘General Seating’ or ‘Family Area’ seating.

If you are successful, the automated balloting system will automatically allocate you a seat which could be in any of our general admission stands.

To apply for the Family Area, you must meet our criteria of no more than two adults to one concession.

Once the deadline date has passed for ballot registrations, the ballot will be randomly drawn.

The supporters who are successful in the ballot will automatically have their credit/debit card payment charged for the total ticket cost (including booking fees) and the lead applicant will receive a confirmation email containing their mobile tickets.

If you do not receive an email then you have not been successful. Supporters can check if they are successful in the ballot via the ‘My Account’ option within their online ticketing account.

Ballots will be run on a game by game basis.


General admission Season Ticket Holders and all My Leeds Members will be able to forward their seat as a mobile ticket to another supporter if they are unable to attend an individual match.

However, the supporter who they are forwarding their ticket to must be linked to their ticketing account via the ‘My Friends & Family’ option and also be a 2023/24 My Leeds Member.

Please note, you can forward your seat to a My Leeds Member who has the same price type at no extra cost. E.g. Adult Season Ticket Holder to Adult Member or Adult Member to Adult Member.

You can also upgrade your ticket as part of the Ticket Forwarding process, e.g. Junior Season Ticket Holder to Adult My Leeds Member (in this scenario, there would be an upgrade fee to pay).

If you wish to forward your Season Ticket seat to a Member with a lower price category, e.g. Adult Season Ticket Holder to Junior My Leeds Member, then this can be done, but no downgrade refund will be offered. In this scenario, you need to select the new owner of the ticket from your Friends & Family list and the new price type, which in this example is Adult. The new price type that you enter must be that of the season ticket holder irrespective of the price type of the member receiving the forwarded ticket.

To forward your ticket, please follow the below simple step by step instructions:

General admission Season Ticket Holders and Members can forward their seat to a My Leeds Member right up until when the turnstiles open on matchday. Turnstiles open 90 minutes prior to kick off.


Our popular Ticket Exchange will continue for the 2023/24 season.

The LUFC Ticket Exchange allows all General Admission Season Ticket Holders the opportunity to sell their seats back to the club, on a match-by-match basis, if they are unable to attend any home league games.

By using the Ticket Exchange you are helping the club to ensure that the stadium will be as full as possible for each home fixture, but you will also receive *100% of the cost of your ticket back in exchange.

To put your seat up for resale, please log into your online ticketing account, click ‘My Account’ and you will see the Ticket Exchange option within the Alerts section. You can keep checking the status of your seat here.

General admission Season Ticket Holders can return their seats right up until when the turnstiles open on matchday 90 minutes prior to kick off.

My Leeds Priority and My Leeds Plus Members receive priority access to purchase any seats returned from Season Ticket Holders via the Ticket Exchange ahead of My Leeds Members.

* Each time the club are able to resell a Season Ticket Holders seat, the Season Ticket Holder will receive an online ticketing credit and this will be on a pro rata basis against the value of their Season Ticket price. The credit will automatically be added into your ticketing account once the game has been played and credit can be built up across the season and redeemed against your Season Ticket for the following campaign. For EFL Championship League home games, Season Ticket Holders will receive the value of their Season Ticket divided by 23 games.

To view the Ticket Exchange Terms and Conditions please click here.


Match tickets can be returned to the Ticket Office for a refund (excluding booking fees) up until 24 hours prior to kick off. Any returned tickets will be resold via the Leeds United Ticket Exchange.


Our online booking fees remain at £1.00 per ticket. Any tickets purchased via the Call Centre will incur a £1.75 per ticket booking fee.

For more information or if you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact the Leeds United Ticket Office on 0371 334 1992.

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