Paige Williams: I want to push myself and play at the highest level

Leeds United Women winger gives first interview.

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Leeds United Women have completed their second summer signing with the addition of Paige Williams.

The young winger is an exciting prospect and has gained good experience within the game thus far, so she knows all about the task at hand with her new club.

Williams has shown her commitment to the cause as she is currently travelling to training and matches from North Wales, which is something that impressed manager Dan O’Hearne.

Paige, welcome to the club! What made you want to join Leeds United Women?

“I just want to play better football. I want to push myself and play at the highest level I can. I don’t mind travelling this sort of distance to come and play for such a good club, so I am really excited to get going. Hopefully I can develop more as a player now whilst at Leeds. I am lucky enough to know one of the players within the team [Laura Bartup] and she told me what a great set up it was here and there was an amazing group of girls. I knew straight away that this was the right place for me to come and I could improve as a player.”

You’ve played a lot of football at a young age, can you tell us a bit about your experience within the game so far?

“I got into football because I have been lucky to have a really supportive family that would always drive me to the teams I wanted to play for. I was with Birmingham City as a kid, I then moved to North Wales so I joined Rhyll Ladies. When I went to University I joined the local team which was Liverpool Feds, who are in our league. My next step was to Bolton Ladies and now I am delighted to be here with Leeds!”

Can you tell us a bit about yourself as a player and what fans can expect to see from you?

“I am hoping my confidence can grow a lot whilst I am here. I find it hard to say what I am good at and what I am not, but I feel I am quite a quick player so I can use my speed to help get forward. I’ve played number 10 most of my life, but recently more as a winger. I think it suits me out there with my pace. If I take a bad touch whilst out there, hopefully I can get it back straight away with my speed, but I’ll have to make sure I am doing some tracking back for the team too. I am sure Dan will work us hard in pre-season, then I can’t wait to get going when it all begins again.”

You mentioned you already know Laura within the group, but what has it been like meeting everyone else and settling in?

“I was very nervous coming to my first session. As soon as I got here though, Dan and all the staff, the girls as well, they helped to take those nerves away. We had a laugh and a chat, we’ve done a couple of things away from football as well now like going for food. I feel so lucky that we have such a good group, I really want to do well for everyone.”

You’re an ambitious person which matches the mentality within the club. Do you thrive off the fact that everyone is clear that they want to earn promotion this coming season?

“Yeah, I love it. I really love it. That’s why I am here to be honest, I wouldn’t want to waste time because I want to push as high as I can and further myself so that’s why I really wanted to be here. You can’t do that on your own, you have to have a team working together and pushing for the same thing and that’s what we have got here, whether you’re in the starting line-up or on the bench, everyone will have a role to play. I really hope we can do it this season!"

Finally from us, what have you been up to away from football lately?

“I have just finished my three-year course at University doing Science Football. I am looking to do a Psychology Conversion course and then hopefully a Sports Psychology Masters degree, so hopefully one day I can work for an amazing club like Leeds United as a Sports Psychologist or something!”

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