Mobile tickets introduced at Elland Road

Fans to receive mobile tickets on their smartphones for 2022/23 season.

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Leeds United are pleased to announce that the comprehensive upgrade of the new ticketing system is complete and all 92 turnstiles have now been upgraded to facilitate mobile ticket entry into Elland Road for the 2022/23 season

A mobile ticket is the safest, most convenient, and flexible way to receive your match ticket whilst increasing security and protection against fraud and is part of the club’s long term sustainability plan to reduce paper and plastic use at the stadium.

Fans will now receive their season tickets and match tickets via email from the club. Within the email there will be a link to download your season tickets or match tickets directly to your smartphone.

Once you have downloaded your tickets you will be able to add these directly to your Apple Wallet or Google Pay (Android) on your smartphone.

It is important that you download your match tickets ahead of arrival at the stadium so that you are ready for match day. We strongly recommend that you download your mobile tickets immediately after you receive your email confirmation.

To gain entry at the turnstile fans will simply need to open their wallet, choose the correct mobile ticket and tap their phone close to the screen as indicated in order to enter the stadium.

All 2022/23 Season Ticket Holders will receive an email during July containing a link to download their  mobile season ticket.

Leeds United understand that this is a new process and supporters will have a number of questions, so the club has produced an in-depth FAQs section on the club website which includes easy to follow video guides to make the transitional process easier for all supporters and we would urge everyone to read this carefully.

Should you have any queries regarding mobile tickets which aren’t answered within the FAQs guide, please contact the Leeds United Ticket Office on 0371 334 1992 or email [email protected].


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