Marcelo Bielsa: We made a big, big, big effort

Head coach on late win against Manchester City.


Marcelo Bielsa has spoken to the media, after seeing his side defeat top of the table Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium.

The Leeds United head coach as always, was quick to praise the effort of his team and explain how hard they worked for another memorable victory that he feels they deserved.

He said: “We deserved to win, but the just or the fair thing would have been for City to win. It's very difficult but it is what I think. We made a big, big, big effort.

“I think the dominance of the game corresponded to City. The chances at goal in the majority were also in their favour. With those two arguments, if City had won it would have been fair.

“But we think that the result that the team obtained was deserved because of the character, the personality, effort, the fortitude from a mental and physical point of view and it’s a little bit strange to say it was fair for City to win but we deserved to win.

“I would like to explain that the reason why I believe we deserved to win, is because of the belief of the players that they could do it.”

Stuart Dallas scored a stoppage time winner for the 10-man Whites - who had to play the entire second half a player down - a goal that will live long in the memory.

“It gives me great happiness for him because he’s a player whose game is based on a lot of generosity,” Bielsa explained.

“He’s a player who helps all his teammates to recover the ball and not lose it, and the goal gives a lot of shine to whoever manages to score it.

“For him to have scored two goals is normally an anomaly, it’s deserved, it’s comforting and it’s good. This year has allowed Dallas to show a part of himself that we didn’t know he had.”

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