Leeds United update away ticketing policy for 2021/22

Details surrounding away ticket allocation for upcoming campaign.

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Leeds United, in partnership with the Supporter Advisory Board, have reviewed the away ticketing policy for the upcoming Premier League season, taking into account the significantly reduced allocation for away fixtures and the increased demand.

The maximum allocation for any away match in the Premier League is only 3,000 versus up to 8,000 for some games in the Championship. Therefore, the club has developed an updated policy, in consultation with the Supporters Advisory Board, to ensure the allocation of away tickets is founded on rewarding away loyalty whilst also allowing the wider fan base to attend a small number of games a season to be able to experience supporting the team away from home.

The away ticketing policy will continue to be focused on rewarding our supporters who have regularly attended away fixtures, with Away Season Ticket Holders guaranteed a ticket along with those supporters who have achieved a high attendance record, attending over 80% of away games (league & cup) in the last five seasons (100 games or more between 2015/16 and 2019/20).

The remaining tickets will then be distributed between supporters who gained a high away match attendance during the 2019/20 season – these supporters will have a 50% chance of gaining a ticket for each away match (ensuring they can attend games with roughly the same frequency they did in the Championship). This will mean that almost two thirds of the tickets will always be allocated to supporters with a track record of high away attendance.

By ensuring a small allocation of tickets are made available for Season Ticket Holders and Members, we are offering more fans the chance to experience supporting the team away from home, which will in turn help to grow the Leeds United fan base, particularly with younger supporters. Growing our fan base is a central strategic pillar of ensuring continued on-field success.

The away allocation policy will be fully transparent to supporters, and based on the standard allocation of 3,000 will be as follows:

27% Away Season Ticket Holders

9.5% Super Away Attendees**

27% Tracker (supporters with high tracker attendance from 19/20)

27% Home Season Ticket Holders on a first come first served basis

9.5% Members on a first come first served basis

** Super Away Attendees (100 or more League & Cup away games between 2015/16 and 2019/20). These supporters will be contacted directly by the Ticket Office with details of their online application process.

Home Season Ticket Holders and Members will be offered tickets on a first come, first served basis, allowing them the opportunity to not only occasionally attend an away match but also allowing them the chance to build up their away attendance to enable them to access the away tracker system for future campaigns.

Please note that there will be no new applications accepted for the Away Season Ticket Scheme and that current Away Season Ticket Holders will be contacted shortly with the information they need to renew.

Following further feedback from supporters, the club are also changing the sale time for away tickets from 10:30am to 1pm to allow supporters to access the internet more easily to be able to apply, and there will be a restriction on the number of away tickets that can be purchased in one transaction online (this will be capped at 10 tickets - to still allow groups to arrange travel together).

The club understands that the distribution of away tickets is an important and emotive topic for supporters and the club believes it has, with supporter feedback, developed a fair and transparent policy founded on loyalty that has evolved to address the issues surrounding the significant reduction in allocations and increase in demand.

For further information relating to the away ticket policy for the upcoming 2021/22 campaign, please contact the Leeds United Ticket Office on 0371 334 1992.

*Purchased a ticket via the Leeds United Ticket Office.

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