Jesse Marsch: We gave the game away

Head coach on Fulham defeat.

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Jesse Marsch gave his thoughts to the media after Leeds United were beaten at home to Fulham on Sunday afternoon.

The Whites went ahead in the match but the West London outfit hit back and eventually ran out 3-2 winners on the day.

The head coach summarised the match after the full-time whistle.

He said: “I don’t think our fans want to hear a lot of tactical analysis right now.

“We had a good start to the game and you feel like after the goal we felt we were going to get control of things.

“But, we found ways to hurt ourselves, to give up goals in ways we don’t think we should be. Then we put games in balance.

“Even in the second half when it’s 1-1, you can see our confidence isn’t at its highest. Then, we find a way to give the game away.”

Marsch was asked about the key moments in the match and he spoke about the way in which the goals were conceded.

“Set-piece defending, we take a lot of pride on,” the head coach stated.

“So basically it’s two corners then a throw in as well, where we don’t defend well enough. We have to do better.

“I understand their [the fans] frustrations, we’re all in that boat. I am responsible for making this team better, I am going to work tirelessly to try and help them gain their confidence.”

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