Jesse Marsch: I'm happy we play the first match at home

Head coach speaks to the media.

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Jesse Marsch has spoken with the media ahead of Saturday’s season opener against Wolverhampton Wanderers.

The Whites will begin their 2022/23 Premier League campaign at Elland Road, coming up against an experienced Wolves side who have regularly finished in the top 10 of the division in recent years.

Speaking ahead of the game, Marsch is looking forward to getting underway on home turf, in front of the fans.

He said: “I'm really happy that we play the first match at home in front of our fans.

“I know there will be anticipation, but there will be support, I know that. We have to come out and play on the front foot.

“I think we have to play aggressively and I think we have to play well with quality, with confidence, to honour what the fans are going to bring to the stadium and to honour what we believe is going to be a good year for us.

“I'm totally focused on everything to try to get our team ready to have a good first step in the season and to do everything we can, to put ourselves in the best position to have a really strong season and feel very confident about who we are and what we're trying to achieve.”

Specifically on the opposition themselves, Marsch has been looking at Saturday’s opponents during pre-season and gave his thoughts on facing them.

“They've changed a little bit in pre-season, to four at the back,” the head coach explained.

“I think that their manager is very intelligent and has a lot of good tactical ideas, and they have an incredible player pool.

“Their players are good in tight spaces and are really intelligent, they fit well together. They defend really well, one of the best defending teams if not the best defending team last year in the Premier League.

“They still can unbalance you with the way they move the ball. So, it challenges you in every phase of the game.”

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