Foundation work hard to support youngsters and tackle youth violence

Link-up with Early Help Hubs across Leeds.

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The Leeds United Foundation have forged strong links with a number of partner agencies to help young people in the local community that are most in need of support.

The targeted programme falls under the Premier League Kicks umbrella and allows coaches at the club’s official charity to work directly alongside the Leeds East, South and West Early Help Hubs to identify youngsters who are vulnerable and most at risk of threat and harm.

The aim of the initiative is to successfully deliver an early intervention programme by working with young people involved in violence, gang affiliation, anti-social behaviours and those at risk of child criminal exploitation to hopefully reduce and prevent youth violence in our communities.

The bespoke programme involves sessions being delivered across various venues during school holidays, with coaches providing a safe environment for youngsters to engage in challenging and rewarding activities, incorporating a combination of life-coaching and family focused community inspired interventions.

The Leeds East Early Help Manager Lauren Dunstan said: “Leeds City Council are thrilled to be a part of this partnership to reduce the risk of offending and anti-social behaviour in young people.

“The Early Help Hubs tackle the underlying issues for families early on and the work the Leeds United Foundation are doing adds value to the work and gives an option available for families that is tailored to the individual; as well as being creative and flexible. The success thus far speaks volumes.”

Inspector Gina Robinson of the Leeds District Youth Partnerships Team added: “West Yorkshire Police is committed to working in partnership to help young people make positive life choices and steer them on the right path.

“Our officers in the Early Help Hubs play a key role in this aim, and the links we have forged with the Leeds United Foundation and the KICKS programme give excellent support to our ongoing efforts to keep young people safe and help them avoid becoming involved in crime in the future.

A number of referrals from the programme have spoken about their experiences working with the Leeds United Foundation, please see below.

Kristel: “The programme helped me because before I was constantly running away from home, arguing with my mum and getting kicked out of school. When Gary (Leeds United Foundation coach) got involved and started speaking to me, I found it easier to get on with my day, as he was motivating me and telling me that I could really get somewhere in life. Since he has been working with me people have seen a massive change in my behaviour and how I’ve changed towards my mum, also my education has got so much better.”

Aiden: “They helped me to understand how to control my anger and showed me that reacting to other people is going to get you nowhere. I want to say thank you to them for supporting me.”

Lauren: “The Leeds Kickstarter programme has really helped me as an individual to manage and control my emotions and anger. Gary is a really good man and has helped and listened to my problems tremendously, I’d highly recommend to anyone finding out more about the programme.”

For more information on the targeted community initiative, please contact [email protected].

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