Foundation back upcoming Planet League Cup campaign

Five-week climate action campaign.

Planet League Cup banner.jpg

The Leeds United Foundation will be showing their support for Britain’s biggest climate action football campaign, the Planet League Cup, once again.

The Planet League Cup will bring together 76 professional football clubs, including Leeds United, as well as 15 County FAs and hundreds of grassroots football clubs and schools, to engage fans across the country on climate action.

The campaign this year will kick-off on 10th October and will consist of a unique five-week sustainability tournament where football fans can score goals for their club by completing green activities. These green activities can be a number of things, such as having a meat-free meal, using the car less or filling up reusable bottles with tap water.

Each week throughout the tournament there will be a focus on a particular theme, such as energy, food or travel, and the club whose fans take the most action will be able to win the Planet League Cup. The individual that is also able to score the most goals throughout the five weeks will win a holiday in the UK.

The club’s official charity will be encouraging participants and families through their wide range of programmes to take part in the campaign, with every green activity completed being added to the club’s tally with the aim of winning the Planet League Cup.

Fans can also get involved in the ‘Layer Challenge’ which is a fun Planet League Cup hero activity with a serious message of putting on more layers of clothing instead of putting the heating on; to save energy but also to save money, given the rise in energy prices. The challenge involves putting on as many layers of clothing as possible in 30 seconds.

The campaign has a unique technology platform which includes its very own virtual assistant referee system, so actions taken by fans are proven through photographs that are uploaded to the website and checked.

If you would like any more information about Planet League Cup or would like to get involved, please click here.

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