FIT FANS launch online campaign

Community scheme that inspires fans to get active.

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The EFL and EFL Trust have today launched an online FIT FANS campaign to provide a safe way for fans to get active in the safety of their homes.

In support of Sport England’s ‘Stay in, Work Out’ campaign, the programme will ensure fans have a safe way to start and maintain exercise, during this current period.

According to new research released by Sport England, over 65% of people believe that exercise is helping them with their mental health, making an active lifestyle more important than ever for EFL fans and our nation.

Over the next 12 weeks there will be sessions developed by two fitness coaches, Scott Copeland and Steph Thompson from the Club Community Organisation (CCO) network, with these released twice a week for fans to follow and get involved.

The sessions will introduce the concepts of safe warm up and cool down methods, increasing daily step counts and activity levels gradually, before moving onto sessions including aerobic strength and training. The exercises will vary and be fun to really give fans the chance to keep moving and see improvements in their fitness.

The sessions will be released each week on a Wednesday at 5pm and Saturday at 11am on the EFL and EFL Trust YouTube channels, and they will be available for fans to watch at their own leisure within the safety of their own homes.

The Leeds United Foundation have been delivering FIT FANS sessions with Leeds United supporters since January 2020 and their first cohort have really seen an improvement not only in their fitness levels but also with their mental health and wellbeing, confidence and ability to stay positive and motivated.

Take a look at some of the feedback received, here:

“I have lost just over 30kg in weight, trying to do 100,000 steps a week and I’m just about keeping to it. It’s safe to say this group has probably saved my life because the way I was going I was a heart attack waiting to happen, so thank you!”

“The programme has been great, I think the support from the staff has gone above and beyond with the current lockdown situation, I would obviously have liked to have had the usual sessions and experiences at Elland Road but under the circumstances I think it’s been delivered in great fashion.”

“Richard and Anthony have done a great job running the course. They have been so supportive from the outset and ran it in a relaxed way which has allowed people to feel relaxed, open up and enjoy the programme. I would not have travelled from Barnsley every week if I didn’t rate the course and the people running it, who are both great lads.”

Please make sure you stay home, save lives and join the FIT FANS movement as we find new ways to keep moving in and around our homes.

For more information, please contact [email protected].

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