Ezgjan Alioski: We need to forget how many points we are in front

Winger on Fulham win.

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Leeds United winger Ezgjan Alioski spoke to LUTV following Saturday’s victory over Fulham.

The North Macedonia international came off the bench for the second half and scored a crucial second goal, helping Leeds to go on and record a 3-0 win.

Alioski was pleased Leeds were able to pick up the three points, was complimentary of Fulham, but insisted the side can’t get carried away.

“It was a really good day,” said Alioski.

“When we see the first half, we said we were a little lucky because Fulham played really good football.

“We know we are not a team that wants to defend, we are a team that wants to attack and Marcelo Bielsa had a good talk inside and he woke us up and when we attacked, this made our day.

“It wasn’t comfortable for us, normally nobody wants to play against us in this way, with the way Fulham kept the ball and I have great respect for Fulham.

“We had the second half to change this, we wanted to stop Fulham from keeping the ball, we are physically strong and we could do this.

“We came into help the team, we saw from the bench how it was and we wanted to go in and help the team and change the game.

“There is nothing to celebrate though, we can’t take notice of the eight points, it’s nice to have them, but we have to be focused game by game.

“We need to forget how many points we are in front, we need to go game by game.

“We have seven games and we want to win in the seven games.”

Alioski also spoke about the impact of not playing in front of the Leeds fans for the first time ever at Elland Road.

He said: “We are Leeds, we played at home and we missed the fans to push us and we needed to find our motivation by ourselves and we did it.

“It’s nice to see the pictures and of course when you score you want to celebrate with the fans, especially at Elland Road and I tried.

“Maybe they saw me on TV, I’m going to remember them in the stadium and always celebrate with them like they are here.”

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