Elland Road ownership transferred back to Leeds United

Elland Road Stadium

We are delighted to announce Elland Road Limited is now wholly owned by Leeds United Football Club Limited.

Elland Road Stadium has been the club’s home since 1919, but was sold in 2004 during a period of financial difficulty.

In 2017, Elland Road was purchased by Greenfield Investment Pte Ltd, an Aser Group company, which at the time was the parent company of Leeds United Football Club Limited.

Ownership of the stadium was then transferred, following the formation of a new company, to Elland Road Limited in December 2020.

In July 2023, 49ers Enterprises Global Football Group LLC assumed full control of Leeds United Football Club Limited and Elland Road Limited.

On 27th March 2024, the ownership of Elland Road Limited was transferred to Leeds United Football Club Limited. This transaction ensures Elland Road Stadium is now back in full control of the club, for the first time since 2004.

Angus Kinnear, CEO of Leeds United commented: “Whilst this may seem like only a subtle change in corporate structure, I know that our supporters will understand its broader significance in signalling our ownership’s intent that Leeds United and Elland Road should always be inextricably bound.”

Elland Road is also an Asset of Community Value (AoCV), which was formally approved and listed by Leeds City Council, following an application by the Leeds United Supporters’ Trust.

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