Club support homeless charities throughout Leeds

Leeds United donate food following postponed match.

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Following the announcement that we unfortunately had to postpone our match with Aston Villa today, Leeds United have worked hard to link up with various local homeless charities and foodbanks to donate all the food that would have been used at the game.

Earlier this morning around 2,000 pies (chicken balti, peppered steak, cheese and onion and meat and potato), hundreds of sandwiches, as well as eggs, vegetables, salads, and fruits, were distributed to or collected by volunteers at St George’s Crypt, St Vincent’s Homeless Shelter, St Anne’s Resource Centre and Holbeck Foodbank.

The club has worked with each of these charities previously and the food that has been donated will hopefully support the incredible work that is being done to help the most vulnerable people in our city.

John Battle, who is a volunteer at St Vincent's Homeless Centre, said: "Christmas is a time when people are really put under pressure, and these donations of food are really needed to supply to people who desperately need it. Especially now as bills will be coming in, families will be queueing at the doors and they will be most grateful at the fact the club has donated this food, so a massive thank you!”

Martin Patterson from St George’s Crypt said: “We want to say a huge thanks to Leeds United for this fantastic and generous donation of food following the unfortunate cancellation of the Aston Villa match.

“The result is fantastic though because all of the food will be used to benefit the needs of vulnerable and homeless people, so on behalf of St George’s Crypt, Holbeck Homeless and Freedom for Girls at St Vincent’s Centre, we say a massive thank you once again to everyone at Leeds United and we send all the best wishes for 2022.”

Head of Catering at Leeds United, Rob Smyth, added: “With our game against Aston Villa being called off today, we had some excess food that we had ordered in, such as pies and fresh produce, so we have tried to put what we can to use and give it to a number of local charities that look after those who are homeless and in need. Hopefully this donation will help to support the people that are really struggling during this time of the year.”

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