Club cap away ticket prices at £30

Elland Road

Leeds United can announce for 2024/25 Sky Bet Championship campaign, we will introduce a new price cap for away supporters attending matches at Elland Road.

The new fixed price will be £30 per adult ticket to each match, whoever the opponent is. This approach falls in line with the Premier League’s pricing policy.

At the beginning of the 2023/24 season, Leeds United contacted all opposition clubs in the league to try and agree a reciprocal pricing deal to benefit all fans. Whilst some accepted and both sets of supporters were able to benefit from this, some clubs would not agree to reciprocal arrangements.

As a club, recognise the vital role that away supporters play at every match and we believe in a fair and consistent pricing strategy for all football fans. We hope that this move will ensure our loyal supporters also pay fair and consistent prices when travelling to support the team away from home.

We are also pleased to announce Category B* prices have also been frozen for the 2024/25 season.

Please see our pricing grid below for the forthcoming season:

*Category B prices are frozen with the exception of the Under 11 category which has been removed and a new disabled adult price has been introduced.

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