Chelsea: Leeds United reaffirm zero-tolerance policy on discrimination

Don’t discriminate.

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Ahead of Wednesday’s Emirates FA Cup tie with Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, Leeds United would like to remind supporters we have a zero-tolerance policy towards the use of any homophobic or discriminatory language, chanting, abuse or gestures and condemn this behaviour.

We will be backed by a sold-out allocation of 5,366 and as always we appreciate your amazing support. However, ahead of the tie, it is important that all supporters understand that the ‘rent boy’ chant is a homophobic slur and hate crime. It was made a prosecutable offence by the Crown Prosecution Service in January 2022, the main public agency for prosecuting crimes in England and Wales.

Following the decision of the Crown Prosecution Service making it a prosecutable offence for anyone to sing or use the words, the FA communicated to all its clubs its intention to pursue formal disciplinary action relating to the chant in January 2023.

The FA said: “The Football Association now considers this specific chant to amount to a breach of FA Rules and reserve the right to pursue formal disciplinary action against any club whose supporters engage in such behaviour going forward.

“Clubs at all levels of English football have a responsibility to ensure their spectators conduct themselves in an orderly fashion when attending matches and we thank you for your assistance in relation to this matter.”

Following an incident of discrimination in March 2023, in our Premier League fixture against Brighton & Hove Albion at Elland Road, the club was fined £150,000 and provided with an FA Action Plan to help improve supporter behaviour moving forwards and prevent any recurrences.

Leeds United will work closely with Chelsea to monitor crowd behaviour at Stamford Bridge.  Anyone identified in taking part in discrimination will face a lengthy stadium ban, please think about your actions and the consequences both individually and for the club.

If you hear it, report it. During the match TEXT 88777, with stand, row, seat number, description of the offender and incident. After the match CALL 0207 386 3355 or EMAIL: [email protected]

All Leeds, aren’t we?

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