Billy Bremner to be commemorated in his hometown

Campaign launched by Eddie Gray and Liam Cooper.

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The Scottish Football Supporters Association, in partnership with Leeds United Supporters Groups, Raploch Community Council, University of Stirling, Stirling Community Enterprise, Tartan Army Magazine and Stirling Council have been asked to lead a project to ensure a statue is commissioned honouring the late Billy Bremner in the town he grew up.

Those involved have already travelled to Leeds United where the campaign was launched. Eddie Gray, a former teammate of Billy Bremner, and Liam Cooper, current Leeds United captain and Scotland international, have signed two replica 1974 shirts to launch the campaign. One shirt will be put on display beside the statue while the other will be auctioned off.

The campaign was started by Leeds United Supporters Groups, who approached Raploch Community Council. Following approval and support from Raploch Community Council, Leeds Supporters Groups and Raploch Community Council collectively approached Professor Richard Haynes of the University of Stirling. Professor Richard Haynes then created a campaign alongside a video called “Fae Raploch to Elland Road” which details Billy Bremner’s journey from growing up with his adoptive parents, Pop and Bessie Bremner, to early life at Leeds United away from his fiancée, through to becoming part of Leeds United folklore.

The process has begun to select an artist after which we shall have a final design drawn up for the statue. We have a choice of three very talented, renowned artists, David Annand, Malcolm Robertson and Kenny Hunter.  The artist will be selected by a selection panel made up of people from the SFSA, University of Stirling, Raploch Community Council, Stirling Community Enterprise, Tartan Army Magazine and the Leeds United Supporters Groups. The memorial would hopefully be positioned near to where Bremner grew up on Weir Street, round the corner from the Raploch Community Campus.

Alexander Gibb, project manager said: “Leeds and Stirling are two great cities in which Billy Bremner is revered. While he has been immortalised in Leeds, it is about time Bremner is further recognised north of the border in his hometown. It is an honour to be part of the project commemorating the man voted as ‘Scotland’s Greatest Ever Captain.’”

Professor Richard Haynes of Stirling University, who developed “Fae Raploch to Elland Road” was quoted as saying: “We were very proud to work with the local community on the cultural heritage project about Bremner. We are delighted to be working with the SFSA and other partners to take the development of a memorial of Bremner in his hometown to the next stage. It is an honour that is more than rightful for a man of Billy Bremner’s stature.”

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