All Leeds, Aren't We? Together against all forms of discrimination!

Reminder around matchday incident text service.

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Leeds United will not tolerate any abusive or unacceptable behaviour from our supporters whether it is at Elland Road, away from home or online.

The club will continue to do everything we can to protect players, staff and other supporters from any form of discrimination, as we believe real fans do not discriminate.

There are a series of measures currently in place, with the aim of improving behaviour for all those involved with the game and ensuring the actions of the minority do not spoil the game for everyone else.

To challenge abusive language and unacceptable behaviour and gestures, including tragedy chanting, supporters will face stadium bans and potential criminal prosecution.

We are united against all discriminatory abuse which includes offensive language towards the LGBTQ+ community, female supporters, against any religion as well as any form of racism.

Football is for everyone, and anyone who is displaying any of the actions mentioned are not welcome at Elland Road, and we will continue to work hard to eradicate these behaviours from the game we all love and put an end to the abuse people suffer.

If you see or hear anything that makes you feel uncomfortable at Elland Road, please use our Matchday Incident Text Service. All you have to do is text LEEDS along with any relevant information around the incident, including a location/seat number, and your name if possible, to 60006. You will then receive an automated message which means that your report has been logged and will be looked into.

All Leeds, Aren’t We?

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