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Our Premier League Primary Stars Programme uses the appeal of the Premier League and Leeds United to inspire and engage primary children to learn, be active and develop important life skills. We do this by supporting a range of subjects from English and Maths to Physical Education and PSHE. We work alongside teachers in PE to help improve their skills, confidence, and knowledge in delivering high quality sustainable lessons. We deliver assemblies to address topics such as discrimination, host city wide competitions and deliver school sports days.

Building positive relationships with schools is key;

● We listen to our partners to provide a bespoke offer, tailored to meet school need

● We profile schools and assign staff to suit

Throughout the delivery, we have focussed on creating a positive learning environment, encouraging respect and teamwork. We adhere to individual school values and behavioural strategies, and further support these with the implementation of the PLPS core values; Be Connected, Be Inspiring, Be Fair and Be Ambitious.

Impact / Outcomes

  • Enhance the knowledge, skills, and confidence of teachers to improve delivery of PE and school sport

  • Increase children’s enjoyment, participation and skills in competitive and non-competitive sports and physical activity

  • Increase children’s understanding of the personal skills and values needed to achieve their goals

  • Enhance children’s interest, understanding and confidence in English and Maths

How To book: To discuss the Primary Stars Project and the offers available to your school please contact our Schools Partnership Lead and/or our Premier League Primary Stars Lead

Contact Details: Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

Telephone: 0113 367 6014

Our Primary Choices programme is an Early Intervention project to help reduce risks associated with Anti-Social Behaviour, supporting every year 6 pupil in Leeds City.

Through our Primary Choices workshops we provide education-based interventions on the impact of crime and violence, which support pupils in making the right choices to divert them away from violence, harm, and exploitation.

Primary Choices is delivered through initial 90-minute “Spotlight” workshops, with a detailed school resource pack for onward development. This is followed by a further 6 weeks of intense delivery for vulnerable individuals in identified schools / areas of Leeds. Both inputs align to the PSHE and RSE national curriculum objectives.

The format of delivery comprises of;

Spotlight Sessions

  • 90 Minute Assemblies / workshops to whole year groups that will cover a variety of themes and topics around choice making, including Anti-Social Behaviour, Knife Crime and Gang Affiliation.

Intense Sessions

  • Individuals identified by the school and relevant partner organisations, that are presenting relevant risk factors associated to Anti-Social Behaviour or have challenges with Attendance, Attainment and Behaviour will engage in further intense sessions of up to 6 weeks.

Impact / Outcome :

Primary Choices aims are;

  • To develop young people’s skills and personal relationships through the ability to make good choices through an annual education programme for Year 6 pupils over a three year period.

  • To help young people understand the wide-ranging impacts of choices they may make

  • To develop children’s understanding of what constitutes criminal activity such as Anti-Social Behaviour

  • To develop understanding of how Anti-Social Behaviour can affect victims, families, and the wider community

  • To develop knowledge on who, how and where to get support whether in school or through supporting organisations


  • Participants develop skills and knowledge to better help them understand the consequence of their behaviour and that of others

  • Participants have improved confidence and self-esteem to make the right decisions at the right time, and communicate in confidence to support network

  • Participants have improved emotional and mental wellbeing to help them be guided through challenging situations

  • Participants feel inspired and engaged to make informed choices that will help them progress into positive pathways

  • Schools will be left with legacy materials to further support awareness raising

How To book: Please contact our Primary Choices - Choice Makers Team and/or our School Partnerships Lead for further information and to schedule your school’s workshop.

Contact Details: Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

Telephone: 0113 367 6014

Our Leeds United Foundation Secondary Education programme supports the delivery of PE and PSHE to help improve young people’s interest in learning and education and to create opportunities for enterprise, employability, and personal development. This is achieved through the medium of sport and football.

Programmes range from single full days to fixed terms, as well as opportunities to collaborate and become a Partner School. We offer a 12-month partnership through our School Hub model, where we can provide bespoke support to inspire and engage young people in education, employment or training. Partnership models can focus on careers, enrichment, and behaviour and are developed in collaboration with the school.

Schedule of Activities – Based on blending both theoretical and practical learning, all our activities can be shaped to the needs of your students and school curriculum whilst ensuring our quality of service is maintained to your satisfaction. Please contact our Secondary Lead for programme information.

Impact / Outcome

The Community – the programmes will create a greater skill set within your young people over an academic year and beyond, giving them more confidence and self-esteem to develop.

The Participants – the programme will boost attendance within school which in turn will create more opportunity for future employment, giving your young people more scope for their Personal Development.

Your School – It will enhance the reputation in the local community and be further support for the more vulnerable young people in your reach.

To find out more – Please follow the link to complete an enquiry form: Secondary-enquiry-form

Or contact our Secondary Education Lead and/or our Schools Partnership Lead

Contact Details Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

Mobile: 0113 367 6014

Our Positive Choices Programme is a 1-day event that offers interactive, discussion-based workshops, that sees up to six Guest Speakers deliver 50-minute sessions across the school day to Key Stage 3 and 4 Pupils. The purpose is to enable young people to make better choices about their lives and futures.

Working with key partners such as West Yorkshire Police, our lived experienced Guest Speakers tell their stories of how negative choices have impacted their lives and the consequences that this has brought to themselves, their families, and their communities.

Through lived experience stories, the educational awareness raising sessions focus on key themes through involvement in gangs, knife crime, county lines, violence, negative relationships, and child criminal exploitation, as well as hearing how a young person fell victim to such violence and was murdered as a consequence.

Impact / Outcome

Positive choices aims are;

  • Participants will be able to demonstrate more positive behaviours and attitude having been engaged with the various workshops and discussions with Guest Speaker.

  • Participants will have greater understanding of the consequences and impact of their choices on themselves, their families, and their communities.

  • Participants contribute to stronger, safer, and more inclusive communities to keep themselves and others safe by making better informed choices.

  • Participants feel inspired and engaged to make better choices during School to support themselves and their peers.

How To book:

Please contact our Positive Choices Team and/or our School Partnerships Lead for further information to schedule your 1-day Positive Choices Event

Contact Details: Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

Telephone: 0113 367 6014

We offer a full-time Education Programme in partnership with Leeds City College for female players who aspire to play at a high level, whilst also committing to an academic programme of study. Players can study A Level or BTEC courses when committing to our Education Programme. The programme is based at Leeds City College for your education studies and the football provision is based at West Riding County FA for training and match days.

The course includes:

  • Performance reviews.

  • Full holistic training programme 3 x per week.

  • College Fixture programme

  • Strength and Conditioning support

  • LUFC Foundation coaching (UEFA B/A).

  • Full Leeds United training and playing kit provided.

  • Collected to and from college and taken to training.

Impact / Outcome

The aim of the female academy programme is to help provide a clear pathway for players who progress from Academies (RTC) programmes or females who are looking to combine their studies with full time football provision. It enables the women and girls pathway to be extended beyond our Girls Academy (RTC) to combine both programmes in creating a holistic dual career programme which supports female football development. Creating a professional infrastructure which aids player progression and enables them to study their preferred education choice either A Level provision or BTEC.

How To book: Sign up via this link: https://forms.office.com/r/tt675HGXfq

Contact details Email: [email protected] Telephone: 0113 367 6598