MSc Sports and Exercise Psychology

Course information for a MSc in Sports and Exercise Psychology.

MSc Sports and Exercise Psychology

The course is relevant to those interested and involved in the sport and leisure industry, such as; coaches, athletes, strength & conditioning professionals, physiotherapists, P.E. teachers and personal trainers etc. The course may also be of interest to business leaders and managers in terms of understanding what drives performance, staff motivation, leadership, and team cohesion.

The course will examine a broad range of topical issues with the sport and exercise psychology profession through the application of theory and research.


1st January 2021. One year.


The course is divided into four separate diplomas and can be studied at any pace and in any order. When you have completed all of the diplomas a dissertation or project is then submitted for the award of the degree of MSc.

Diploma One 

Introduction to Sports and Exercise Psychology

Diploma Two

Positive Psychology in Sports and Exercise Psychology

Diploma Three

Elite Performance in Sports and Exercise Psychology

Diploma Four

Mental Health Awareness and Practice in Sports and Exercise Psychology


Bachelors degree or equivalent in Sports Science or related subject. Consideration also given to practitioners with five or more years’ experience in elite sports.


We have created a flexible pathway to help make your journey as practical and enjoyable as possible. We have broken our MSc into four different stages, called diploma stages. Simply complete each of the diplomas and gain your degree in Sports Science.

There are no written exams. You are assessed through project work and assignments.

You can take just one diploma and exit, or as many as you want. Start and stop the course as it suits you. The MSc is accredited through the James Lind Institute in Geneva.


Students can apply directly through the Rushford Business School at James Lind Institute, here.