Course information for an MBA in Football Business.

MBA Football Business

This course is relevant to anyone who wants a prestigious MBA degree and at the same time, follow their passion for football or sport in general. If you would like to work in the football industry, as a football agent or in some organisational management role, this course is for you. You can choose from four different specialist tracks, including; Football CEO, Football Agent, Football Scout, and General Football Business.


1st December 2020. Two years.


Managing Operations and Processes

This module explores the diverse range of activities involved in the management of operations and business processes whether internally within the organisation or across the global supply chain. The module will explore the functional activities such as the management of capacity and demand or quality to more strategic initiatives involving the design, planning and control of business operations.

Managing Human Resources

This module will explore the practical implications of the human resource management policies and examine how people are the key resource all organisational success. Whilst there will be a focus upon functional activities such as the recruitment, selection, development, retention and reward of employees, the role of HR at the ‘top table’ will be explored in some detail.

Managing Finance

Studying on this module will allow you to develop a deep understanding of the key principles of financial accounting, management accounting and finance. These principles will be studied in the context of real world organizations with a critical focus upon the levels of analysis and interpretation of financial information.

Managing Marketing

This module will help you develop and implement marketing plans and strategies across a range of sectors in both domestic and international markets. A key element of marketing activity is the analysis and evaluation of promotion and sales techniques and strategies and these will be explored using real world case examples.Strategic Management

This module will evaluate and appraise the strategic approaches utilised by organisations, whatever their size or sector of activity. The view that strategy is seen as the long-term direction of an organisation and these three critical elements of the strategy formulation are explored in depth.

Business Economics

Studying on this module will help you as a manager to understand the opportunities and threats that exist within the internal and external environments. This will ultimately lead to an improvement in overall decision making and will lead to better allocation of resources.


This module is the culmination of the programme of study that requires you to undertake a piece of independent research that looks to link theory to practice. The dissertation is designed for continual feedback throughout the module with you having access to an individual online supervisor to enable close interaction to take place. Research methods training will be provided to allow you to have a deep understanding of the approaches that can be taken. If you are opting for a specialism pathway, then the research for the dissertation must be undertaken in the area of specialism chosen.


Bachelors degree or equivalent in Business or related subject. At least three years managerial experience. Candidates with 10 years or more managerial experience will be considered with a bachelor's degree.


To provide students with a sound understanding of key theoretical issues within the field of club sport management.

To enable students to develop an in-depth understanding of the application of business theory with its practical significance.

To provide an opportunity for students to gain insight and practical skills that will enhance their leadership and problem-solving skills.

To facilitate students in acquiring a critical and self-reflective awareness of their practice.

Develop sets of abilities with a particular focus on a thorough understanding of business management and its practical application.


Students can apply directly through the Rushford Business School at James Lind Institute, here.