MSc Advanced Sports Performance

Course information for Master of Science in Advanced Sports Performance.

MSc Advanced Sports Performance

The Masters in Advanced Sports Performance course will lead students into a sound working knowledge of the factors affecting contemporary sport performance, how these factors interact with and influence each other, and assist in the development of their understanding of the modalities used to enhance physical outputs in the modern sporting arena. Students will learn these through six key performance principles.

This course aims to educate fitness professionals on applied techniques and methods that directly affect results on the pitch, field, track, course, or court by elevating the level at which their athletes perform both physically and mentally.


1st January 2021. Two years.


Six key principles have been identified as vital to creating the ideal environment in which the athlete can perform at his or her optimal level. Each will be expanded upon module by module throughout the duration of this course.

Module 1: Athlete Profiling & Analysis

Identifying the factors of individual performance which inform training decisions.

Module 2: On-Field Training

Innovative principles of on-field training which enhance all aspects of sport specific performance.

Module 3: Off-Field Training

Advanced strength & conditioning practice and the application of resistance training.

Module 4: Recovery & Regeneration

The latest regenerative modalities designed to maximise training adaptations.

Module 5: Nutrition for Performance

Effective nutritional strategies which underpin each stage of the performance process.

Module 6: Life Demands & Psychology

Understanding the significant impact behaviour and lifestyle away from training and the creation of a positive environment can have on performance.


Bachelors Degree or equivalent in Sports Science or related subject. Consideration also given to practitioners with five or more years experience in elite sports.


Students will learn advanced sport performance techniques from elite practitioners. The student will learn best practices in strength and conditioning and elite performance from the English Premier League.


Students can apply directly through the Rushford Business School at James Lind Institute, here.