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About the Academy


At Leeds United Academy, players must learn to be technically proficient, be able to deal with the ball anywhere on the pitch. Tactically they must become familiar with the club’s system of play and understand the strengths and weaknesses within it. Physically players need to become the football athlete, someone that can play at the tempo that is required to compete at the highest level and psychologically they need to have a balanced view of success and failure so that by the time they have reached the Professional Development Phase they have the confidence to be able to deal with the stress of playing to win, week in and week out.

The Academy play an efficient possession based passing game with quality distribution and well timed movement to play out from the back in order to work the ball through the thirds of the pitch. All players are taught to understand how to defend correctly and have the ability to balance and cover, make play predictable by applying good pressure in the right areas and at a good tempo in order to deny forward passing and ultimately regain possession of the ball.

The Academies style of play not only encourages players to be brave enough to receive and play in tight areas but also use their knowledge of when and where it is appropriate to do so. All players set out with a clear understanding of a game plan, how to deliver it going forward and to trust it out of possession.

Neil Redfearn
Senior Professional Development Phase Manager


Senior Management  
Senior Pro Development Coach Neil Redfearn
Academy Manager Steve Holmes
Head of Coaching Phil Wilson
Head of Education & Welfare Lucy Ward
Head of Sports & Medicine Faith Fisher-Atack
Academy Secretary Mary Lally
Head of Recruitment Terry Potter
Coaching Staff  
Head Goalkeeping Coach 17-21 Neil Sullivan
Lead Pro Development Coach Richard Naylor
Assistant Pro Development Coach Chris Coates
Youth Development Phase 15-16 Leigh Bromby
Youth Development Phase 12-14 Jason Blunt
Foundation Phase Lead 8-11 Andy Wood
Under 16 Coach Leigh Bromby
Under 15 Coach Denis Oates
Under 14 Coaches Pav Singh/Ces Ceaser
Under 13 Coaches Gareth Morgan/Gary Hodgson
Under 12 Coach Jason Blunt/TBC
Under 11 Coaches Andy Wood/Rob Moss
Under 10 Coaches  Adam Underwood/TBC
Under 9 Coaches Scott Gardner/TBC
Under 8 Coaches Arthur Graham/Paul Bray
Academy Gk Coach Lee Kelsey
Coach Developer Pav Singh
Sports Science & Medicine Staff  
Lead Academy Physio Henry McStay
Lead Sports Scientist Stacey Emmonds
Lead S&C Coach Tom Robinson
Lead Analyst Adam Underwood
Analyst (Intern) Justin Bamford
Psychologist  Gareth Morgan
Academy Doctor Dr.Jamie O Shea
Academy Support Staff  
Academy Kit Man Shaun Ford
Welfare & Safeguarding Support Katie Slee
Recruitment Assistant Mark Smith